3D Print

We offer a complete printing solution for your designs.
Experience reliability, speed and ultra smooth resolution from your CAD files.


We provide the Smoothest Finish with Amazing precision

Chemgold guarantees the smoothest surface finish possible on 3D printers and ensures your designs will be printed and cast from up to two working days from the time your CAD file is received.*

We cast silver, gold alloys, and platinum five days a week. We accept and can work with files from Matrix, Rhino, 3Design, JewelCAD or other popular CAD programs, along with analysing the integrity of the design to ensure it will be suitable for casting.

*Applies to standard size items and quantities.

A Team of Printing Specialists At Your Service

From large projects to one off bespoke designs, our dedicated team of highly experienced technicians and engineers are ready to assist you with your design and printing requirements.

When sending your files you can be 100% confident in receiving the highest quality wax models and flawless castings. This is achieved by selecting the most appropriate technology along with stringent quality control processes that meet international standards.


What happens after 3D Printing?

After getting your wax printed, we will now prepare and have your designs cast in the alloy of your choice.
With both CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and Casting done in-house, you can be assured of the best and most
cost effective service available.

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