We offer a one-stop service for CAD/CAM, providing you with endless
opportunities to turn your ideas into stunning pieces.


Make Your Unique Design Ideas Come to Life

From a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to a symbolic pendant, no design is too complex. We can assist in creating complete collections or unique, personalized pieces of fine jewellery.

There is no limit to what you can create as with CAD/CAM technology combined with our expertise and unmatched service, you can overcome any difficulty or intricacy in your designs.


Design Process

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Provide your design, sketch, photo, or file. You can also choose from our CAD based libraries.

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Our CAD specialists will replicate your designs to your specifications and allow you to view the jewellery piece from various angles.

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A 4-view technical render to illustrate the design of the jewellery piece will be sent for final approval.

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We use 3D printers and software to create a 3D wax/resin model to physically represent the final product, this is then used to cast your piece in the alloy required.

Learn more about our 3D Printing

CAD/CAM: What’s the Difference?

CAD (computer-aided design)

Describes the use of computer software programs to create 2D or 3D models. That file is then used to create physical prototypes of the jewellery, which are made with the use of CAM software and growing machines.

CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)

It is the use of software programs and machinery to create and manufacture a 3D object. Upon completion of working with CAM programs and machines, a 3D wax/resin model is created which physically represents the way the final product will look.

The CAD software is used to create a digital layout of a piece of jewellery, whereas the CAM software/growing machines generate a prototype of the final product.

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Why Choose Our CAD/CAM Services?

Since 1986, Chemgold has helped thousands of jewellers across Australia & New Zealand - whether you are a jewellery designer looking to create new pieces or a jewellery store that wants to expand, our range of CAD/CAM services makes it easier for you to fulfill your every need.

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Technical Expertise

With a CAD studio of highly experienced designers who are all qualified in jewellery, custom made designs can be drawn from a sketch, photo or idea.

We design models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra fine attention to detail and intricate features.

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One-stop service

Choose from our range of CAD/CAM services and see your designs take form.

  • Designs within 4 to 6 days*
  • Creation of prototypes
  • Creation of castable models
  • Photo-realistic renders
  • 3D Scanning

* urgent orders can potentially be facilitated based on workload

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Increased Productivity

Customers who have used Chemgold’s CAD/CAM services have noticed faster lead times, reduction in labour costs, and faster delivery of a final product.

You can take on infinite jobs at any time and you will never turn away a sale again. Not only does CAD save you time, but it makes you money.

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