Trusted for reliability and personalised service, Chemgold is a state-of-the-art precious metals casting house offering the largest range of alloys to give you the best quality castings.


Why cast With us?

Our team of experts and jewellers are committed to providing you with flawless castings and understand that quality, consistency and attention to detail are the most important factors when meeting the needs of jewellery production.

We use cutting edge technology to deliver the best quality castings from your designs, files, waxes, model or master patterns.

Mixing art and science, our skilled engineers look at sprue placement to ensure a porous free result, making it economical and best suited to meet your needs.

With the expertise of our team and our use of sophisticated technology, we guarantee customised and efficient service, excellent results and fast turnaround. Allow us to do your casting and save your energy, time and talent to what you do best.

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How we do it?

In three simple steps, we can have your design drawn, print and cast.


Our team of experts work with you on your design and provide you with highest quality service to ensure the best outcome.

Explore The Casting Colours of Chemgold

Have your design cast in the alloys of your choice.

Colours of Chemgold

Check out our must-try alloy


Innovative 18ct White Gold PGMs Alloy

Re-engineered for savings

With the high price of gold and palladium, 18W132 is a more economical option than our standard 18WPD.

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