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Reliable and Responsible Refining

Chemgold has been involved with refining for over 60 years, combining high levels of experience and expertise with maximum efficiency in terms of process technology while being environmentally friendly with our refining techniques.

Our commitment to giving you honest and fair returns is the reason why we are the industry leader in gold, platinum, palladium and silver refining.

What We Refine?

What We Refine

  • Gold, silver, platinum & palladium scrap
  • Bench sweeps, filings & polishing
  • Floor sweeps
  • Dental scrap - crowns/bridges
  • Platinum thermocouple wire

Return Options

Return Options

  • Fine metal return
  • Cast and fabricated alloys
  • EFT
  • Credit applied against your trading account

Maximize Return

How We Process Your Scrap

Clean Scrap Program

Responsible Refining

How We Process Your Scrap

By sending us your scrap metals, you are able to save money which in turn increases your profits.


Measurement & Registration

The moment your scrap shipment is weighed in at our refining division, it is entered into our computerized refining flow system.



The shipment is checked and double-checked through every step of the refining process. Each lot, regardless of size, receives the same careful attention to ensure you a maximum return.



Material will be properly melted before assay. Clean scrap is mixed with a special flux which makes the melt more fluid and homogeneous. Our experienced processors will ensure that the optimum flux mixture and melting technique is used.


Pouring into Mold

The melt is poured into a mold where the metal settles to the bottom and the slag created by the flux remains on top taking some of the non-metallic impurities with it.


Sample & Storing

The bars are then returned to our vault to be weighed and sampled, where they will remain until scrap has been paid.


Please complete our refining form to ensure it is processed based on your requirements.

Clean Scrap Program

Get quick cash or credit.

Contact our team to help you get started.

How To Maximize Your Return

Separate scrap metal by type when collecting it as this helps reduce refining costs, which you can have returned in a range of ways including funds transfer, crediting your account, stockgauge, solder, fine metals or even cast product.

Keep the following separate and monitor your returns.

  • - Gold scrap, filings & bench sweeps
  • - Silver scrap & filings
  • - Platinum
  • - Palladium
  • - Floor sweeps, polishings, sink sludge, emery & filters

Iron in your scrap may lower your return. Iron has a high melting temperature so it's more difficult to melt and assay. It is best to remove any iron from your scrap with a magnet.

Ensure that the total weight is enough to warrant the charges. Typically this is less of a concern with 2 metal [Gold/Silver], 4 metal [Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum] or Platinum only refining, but can be a factor to consider for Sweeps and Silver only refining.

Our team of refining specialists are ready to help you step by step to ensure you maximise your return and increase your profit line.

For more tips, tricks and advice, contact our team.

Refining Done Responsibly

At Chemgold, we pride ourselves on the highest level of quality and the low impact we make on the environment compared with any other precious metal refining, casting & fabrication company in Australia.

With the majority of our gold coming from our refinery, we guarantee our customers that the metal we produce and supply is from socially responsible sources.

As a member of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), we ensure that the production methods are ethics-based, socially oriented, and environmentally beneficial.

Read our Responsibility Statement to learn more.

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