Mokume Gane

Explore the Japanese art of patterning metal laminates and create
uniquely beautiful jewellery designs.



Making Mokume Gane Easy For You

Mokume Gane or ‘wood grain metal’ is a style of manufacturing which dates back from feudal Japan.
This technique enables you to create different styles every time you create a piece

The process of producing Mokume Gane is time consuming and only few have adopted this lengthy
process as this entails dealing with potential failures inherent to it. Since there are a few suppliers of
ready-bonded stock gauge, Chemgold makes it easy for you by offering specific alloy combinations
ready for you to pattern and process into beautiful jewellery designs.

Two Alloy Combinations

  • 18ct Yellow Gold/Sterling Silver
  • 14ct White Gold/Sterling Silver

Three Alloy Combinations

  • 18ct Yellow Gold/14ct White Gold/ Sterling Silver
  • 18ct Yellow Gold/14ct Rose Gold/Sterling Silver
  • 14ct Rose Gold/14ct White Gold/Sterling Silver

Mokume Gane Manufacturing

All Chemgold Mokume Gane square wires are manufactured from diffusion bonded 17 sheet billets. After bonding, the billets are hot forged and drawn/rolled to size.

There are numerous patterns possible from Mokume Gane stock gauge, the majority of which are generated by twisting and manipulating the wire, and then a combination of rolling and removing metal to expose layers and reveal the pattern. While this produces very popular patterns to use for rings, it is also very unique in terms of manufacturing.

The number of twists done to the wire and the depth of the cut necessary to achieve a pattern will be dependent on how many repeats of the pattern are required, the size of the ring and also the height of the ring. Matching the pattern where it joins can be difficult as well. Different sizes and heights require their own patterning schedule.

Use these codes when ordering 6.0M stockgauge

Product code Metal Combination

Frequently Asked Questions

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Chemgold Guarantee

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Recyling & Refining

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